Translations are usually charged by the number of standard lines (55 characters incl. blanks) in the target text. It is, however, also possible to quote a price based upon the number of words or pages. The exact price per line varies depending on the following criteria:

  • language combination,
  • level of difficulty,
  • text volume and degree of repetition,
  • urgency,
  • the format in which the source text is provided.

My quote is based upon the estimated number of target text lines; it therefore includes a safety margin. If the translation, once it is finished, turns out to be shorter than estimated, you will of course only have to pay the price for the actual number of lines obtained. Anyway, the amount billed broken down item by item will not exceed the price mentioned in the quote. (In order to be able to provide you with a detailed quote, I have to have a look at the source text. Irrespective of the fact, if you then charge me with the service the quote is prepared for, or not, I will of course keep confidential all information and documents submitted to me.)

Proof-reading and editing
Proof-reading and editing services are charged by the hour.

Certified translations
Certified translations are subject to a certification surcharge.

Minimum order value
For small translations, a minimum fee applies.